Original "Poltergeist" Movie Poster (1982)Remake Poltergeist? Seriously? This is a gut punch to my 1982 summer movie bliss.

The same studio brain trust behind this insult is currently developing a Carrie remake too. Hasn’t Hollywood learned anything from Rob Zombie’s Halloween… or Platinum Dunes’ unnecessary The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, The Hitcher and A Nightmare on Elm Street retreads?

Originality has blindly walked toward the light and crossed over, joining its partner creativity in the nothingness.

Who knows, since Zelda Rubinstein’s already on the other side, maybe she can give them a swift kick in the ass and send them back.

Altered States Movie Trailer

The other sci-fi film of any import in 1980 (the first being a little movie called The Empire Strikes Back). If anything, its psyche-bending, peyote and pure science mashup heightened the genre.

This and Tommy were my fledgling filmmaking mind’s intro to visually idiosyncratic director Ken Russell, who passed on to the great sensory deprivation tank in the sky last week.